Steve Freedman Voice Talent

From his professionally equipped, ISDN connected studio in Burbank, California, Steve is ready to lay down your voice tracks when you need them.

Steve is in high demand by producers, advertisers and other creative business professionals who need their message delivered with gravitas, embodied in an everyman.  It's easy to relate to Steve's warm, relaxed delivery.  He's the wise neighbor, the trusted advisor.  He highlights the good sense of your message with a quiet strength. Not your typical announcer, but a believable, engaging storyteller.

On the other hand, as the offbeat friend, smarmy product spokesman or crazy guy next door, Steve's interpretations have been known to cause spastic laughter (or "spafter").  He's voiced hundreds of short comedy pieces for morning radio shows across the US.  If you're a connoisseur of fake commercials, irreverent sketches and inappropriate public service announcements, you've likely heard Steve.  He was probably offending someone, hopefully not you.  

If you don't hear the exact style or flavor you're looking for from the demos on the main page, just request a free custom demo of your project and we'll usually have it back to you the same day.  Steve is proud to be listed in Voices with ISDN - A Voice Over Industry Web Directory.

Thanks for dropping by!